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  • Indiana Freemasons' Hall
  • P.O. Box 44210
  • 525 N. Illinois. St.
  • Indianapolis, IN 46244-0210
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  • 317-634-7904
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Grand Masters Pin

Every Grand Master beginning in 1992-93 with Max Carpenter, PGM has designed and made available to the membership a Grand Masters Pin. The designs of the pins are inspired by the GM’s journey to his year as leader of Freemasonry in Indiana. Several of our Brothers collect and display the twenty-two available (some very hard to find) pins.

My Masonic grandfather, Past Grand Master Barkdull, coined the phrase, “Proud to be a Freemason.” I alwaysthought that his Grand Master’s pin said it all because I am always proud to be a Freemason. I am proud of the fact that next year the Grand Lodge of Indiana will celebrate our 200th anniversary. I am proud that we have young men joining our Lodges to strengthen our future. I am very proud that in the face of all of the changes happening in our country and in our world today, our fraternity continues to maintain our Masonic integrity. Since I believe we are all proud to be Freemasons, I included that phrase on my pin. I placed the state of Indiana on it primarily because Indiana is a great Midwestern state, and I am proud to be here. Kathy and I have had a rewarding life here. In addition, my Masonic father, Past Grand Master Walbridge, used the state of Indiana as his pin, so I am proud to have it as a part of mine as well Indiana is presented in the colors of the American fl ag for two reasons: as Freemasons we are all proud to be Americans and have a well-known heritage as patriots, and I wanted to fi nd a small way to honor our country’s veterans and acknowledge those men and women who guard our freedoms around the world every day. I hope that you like it.