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  • Indiana Freemasons' Hall
  • P.O. Box 44210
  • 525 N. Illinois. St.
  • Indianapolis, IN 46244-0210
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  • 317-634-7904
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Grand Masters Pin

Every Grand Master beginning in 1992-93 with Max Carpenter, PGM has designed and made available to the membership a Grand Masters Pin. The designs of the pins are inspired by the GM’s journey to his year as leader of Freemasonry in Indiana. Several of our Brothers collect and display the twenty-two available (some very hard to find) pins.

Grand Master Barenie has developed a pin that celebrates his Indiana Heritage, while guiding the craft with his vision and goals for the coming year. Our Grand Master hails from Michigan City Indiana, which at one time was the largest shipping port on Lake Michigan and known for its iconic lighthouse. The Grand Master's pin, therefore, exhibits the shape of Indiana crowned with an exact representation of the Michigan City lighthouse. More than just adding local flavor though, the lighthouse also symbolically represents the belief that Freemasonry is a beacon, a guiding light, to those who find it, leading them to a safe harbor amidst the troubled waters of todays world.

Within the center of the pin are three words, chosen to inspire the craft and incite them to action. Search, that we will search our hearts for the greater truths of life, search our hearts for the nobler path, and that we will search for those quality men who will benefit from this great fraternity. Support, that we will use every resource available to us to support each other, and those around us. Doing our best to support our brethren, our Lodges, our charities and our fellow men. Share, that we will share with the world our great pride in Freemasonry. Share with the world that our royal art, the great fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons, offers to good men a place of improvement and brotherhood unlike any other. Spread the word, share the light, and be proud of the greatest fraternity in the world.

Finally, the square and compass rests on the pin, to remind us to never lose sight of the Masonic application of that useful and valuable instrument, which teaches friendship, morality and brotherly love.