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  • Indiana Freemasons' Hall
  • P.O. Box 44210
  • 525 N. Illinois. St.
  • Indianapolis, IN 46244-0210
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  • 317-634-7904
  • 877-247-MASON

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2017 Grand Lodge Officers

The Grand Lodge of Indiana, Free and Accepted Masons is the governing body for all Freemasons in Indiana. These men hold the leadership roles in the State of Indiana. There is no national governing body for the states. The local lodge in your area is a part of the Grand Lodge of Indiana. The local lodges have leadership similar to this group that manages the operations of each local lodge. Local lodges are referred to as Symbolic Lodges or Blue Lodges.

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Grand Master's Pin

Rodney Mann Pin Web .jpg

Pin Bio

Rodney A. Mann
Grand Master
 SHC2017 culmann half 2x3 web 720  SHC2017 roy half 2x3 web 720
Carl E. Culmann
Deputy Grand Master
Kenneth Roy, Jr.
Senior Grand Warden
 SHC2017 martin half 2x3 web 720  SHC2017 willis half 2x3 web 720
Daniel L. Martin
Junior Grand Warden
Kenneth E. Willis. Jr.
Grand Treasurer & PGM
 SHC2017 elman half 2x3 web 720  SHC2017 hansen half 2x3 web 720
Richard J. Elman
Grand Secretary & PGM
Tom Hansen  
Grand Chaplain
SHC2017 ash half 2x3 web 720 SHC2017 lewis half 2x3 web 720
Jackie A. Ash
Grand Lecturer
 Brian C. Lewis 
Assistant Grand Lecturer
 SHC2017 saunders half 2x3 web 720  SHC2017 lentz half 2x3 web 720
Jeffrey K. Saunders
Grand Marshal
Richard L. Lentz
Senior Grand Deacon
 SHC2017 brinley half 2x3 web 720  SHC2017 fallis half 2x3 web 720
Gary E. Brinley
Junior Grand Deacon
Thomas A. Fallis
Grand Steward & Tyler
 SHC2017 rees half 2x3 web 720  
Marvin L. Rees
Grand Organist