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Schofield House

Built in 1817 as a roadhouse and store near the river banks of the Ohio in the metropolis of Madison, Indiana, the Schofield House’s claim to fame among Indiana Masons is as the Birthplace of their Grand Lodge on January 13, 1818. The house was purchased by the Scottish Rite in 1972 and donated to the Grand Lodge. The building was refurbished to represent its original appearance in 1818. It was opened to the public as a Masonic Museum on April 19, 1975, and dedicated as a Living Museum to the State of Indiana in 1976.

Each year, the Grand Master of Indiana makes an official visit to the Schofield House, and its upstairs lodge room may be used by any Indiana lodge to confer Masonic degrees in this unique historic setting.

The Masonic Heritage Foundation was created and incorporated January 25, 1974 to maintain the property and keep it running as a living museum for Masonry.